We are making a smart hub. can we discover smarthings devices on our hub?

I am a developer. I want to make a smart hub of my own. how can I discover and connect the smarthings devices on my smart hub and control them?
is there any way, that I can discover them on my home network and control them using any API or SDK.

Hi, @LivSmart_Automation
Can you provide more details, please?

You mentioned you wanted to make your own smart Hub, are you referring to creating a physical device that would allow you to connect IoT devices (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.)?

I want to create hardware similar to Smarthings hub and home assistant. I want to connect my smart things Samsung m5 monitor and other smart devices to it.
i want to connect Zigbee, Z-wave, Knx and WiFi IP devices with it.

Ok, so, there’s no SDK or tool on the SmartThings platform that could help you create the hardware and software to support all the devices certified as WWST (Works With SmartThings).

You need to investigate how to create the hardware and software to allow the connection of Zigbee, Z-Wave devices (which have their own standards). In the case of Samsung appliances, some can use a different protocol but it depends on the manufacturer if they want to share the corresponding info to allow third parties to discover and control those devices.

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