WD500Z-1 / ST / Alexa

Has anyone written code for the WD500 and ST so it’s seen as a normal switch? Here’s my issue…

I have all my WD switches in and working with ST. ST sees them all, can manually turn them on and off but Alexa can’t see them when I do device discovery. Am I right in assuming that ST sees them as different switches?

Here are some questions…

Have enabled the ST skill in the Alexa mobile app?
Have you gone into the Amazon Echo ST app and authorized the switches to be seen by Alexa?

Do both of those, then run discovery.

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Yeah double checked everything and it seems to be configured correctly. ST is seeing them and seeing them as Z-wave dimmers. One thing I did notice is that I forgot a device called outlet, undid everything, redid it, and Alexa won’t re-discover it. I’m wondering if she’s just not discovering things?