WCW 100 Schlage Camera

(Andrew Webb) #1

I recently moved into a new construction home which came with a number of smart products (the door, switches, plugs, etc) that integrate with Nexia. I’ve been able to transfer everything over to smart things except I am not seeing any mention of the WCW100 Schlage camera on the support forum. Is this camera supported?

(Aaron S) #2

Hi Andrew!

Welcome to SmartThings family! The only ‘official’ camera integration is with Dropcam as part of our Labs program. You can find the complete list of supported devices here: http://www.smartthings.com/product/works-with-smartthings/

That said, our badass community has built a number of unofficial integrations with DLink, Foscam, etc. I am not familiar with the Schlage camera (a quick search didnt come up with a lot of value), but you may want to reach out on those threads to see if they can be tweaked for you.

Good luck!

(Mcvoss) #3


It’s been a few years since I read up on the Schlage Camera. If I remember right you need to change the firmware that is in the camera. Type in this search “schlage camera firmware” in google and you’ll see a ton of links.

(Andrew Webb) #4

Anyone know if the new samsung hub will support this camera?

(Michristi Plee) #5

I’m interested as well. Trying to switch all my Nexia stuff over to ST.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #6

Have you found anything solid on this one yet?

(Andrew Webb) #7

No, we have had no luck finding a solution.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #8

OK, thanks. I guess I will just watch here too then…

(Carl Mies) #9

If a solution is found, I will use it as well. Just adding my vote if anyone whats to create something. Guess I will monitor this page.

(John DeBrincat) #10

Adding my vote for this too! I have everything else synced over, but would love to get my front door cam working too.

(Rene alexander chirino) #11

Hi ,am completely new in this topic
There is any way to switch that?