WCW 100 Schlage Camera

I recently moved into a new construction home which came with a number of smart products (the door, switches, plugs, etc) that integrate with Nexia. I’ve been able to transfer everything over to smart things except I am not seeing any mention of the WCW100 Schlage camera on the support forum. Is this camera supported?

Hi Andrew!

Welcome to SmartThings family! The only ‘official’ camera integration is with Dropcam as part of our Labs program. You can find the complete list of supported devices here: http://www.smartthings.com/product/works-with-smartthings/

That said, our badass community has built a number of unofficial integrations with DLink, Foscam, etc. I am not familiar with the Schlage camera (a quick search didnt come up with a lot of value), but you may want to reach out on those threads to see if they can be tweaked for you.

Good luck!


It’s been a few years since I read up on the Schlage Camera. If I remember right you need to change the firmware that is in the camera. Type in this search “schlage camera firmware” in google and you’ll see a ton of links.

Anyone know if the new samsung hub will support this camera?

I’m interested as well. Trying to switch all my Nexia stuff over to ST.

Have you found anything solid on this one yet?

No, we have had no luck finding a solution.

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OK, thanks. I guess I will just watch here too then…

If a solution is found, I will use it as well. Just adding my vote if anyone whats to create something. Guess I will monitor this page.

Adding my vote for this too! I have everything else synced over, but would love to get my front door cam working too.

Hi ,am completely new in this topic
There is any way to switch that?

If anyone is still tracking this look here.
you need to update the firmware on the cam.
but you need a 32bit os to doit