Way to pull data more frequent than every minute?

I want to be able to pull (from an external API) more often than 1 minute interval, is there any way I could achieve this? Currently, I’m using the runEvery1Minute which work great but would like to poll more often to have more “recent” data.


You mean external, right? Cause internal would be from within ST. Why not use a look and the runin instead? Although, I would not recommend running something more frequently than once a minute. You’re going to see serious system performance issues.

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external yeah, sorry,

I’m just trying to understand, a lot of my z-wave devices can report things a lot more frequent than once a minute (if I look at some of my aeron smart switch) and the ST platform seems to be handling it just find…

they ST docs recommend not using the runin for scheduling so trying to see what should I do here…

This is for a power & energy device, power report only once a minute doesn’t seem that great, I would like to detect within that minute if something increase drastically (or lower drastically)

So how do they guys do it internally i guess would be my question?

Are they doing their own scheduling through the runint - although ST does not recommend doing it?

ST doesn’t guarantee a resolution of less than a minute. You can use runIn for short / one time but on an extended basis it may cause issues and daisy chaining it may even cause it to stop running after a while

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too bad, having one data reporting every minute is not enough for my use case …hum

I don’t think I have many choices here…