Way to check to see why an action was triggered?

I currently have the Goodbye! action trigger when both my wife and I leave the house. Today around 8:30 I got a push notification on my phone that said the action was just triggered. Neither of us had been home for a couple of hours at that point so I’m not sure why it went off. Is there a way to check and see what caused the action to trigger?

Not that I have seen outside of presence sensor notifications, etc shown in the log on the phone. I actually made a feature request for this a while ago. I think it would be great for troubleshooting.

If you login to graph.api.smartthings.com, goto the devices list (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list), find a given device, you can see all the recent events/change states associated with it.

Not really why something was triggered, but the data is there.

It happened again. Got a notification on my phone saying the Goodbye! scene was run as I requested. Neither myself or my wife were anywhere near the house and as far as I know us leaving the house is the only thing that should trigger that action.


I found the Events List at ide.smartthings.com and it looks shows an event around the time Goodbye! was triggered saying my iPhone left the house. Not sure why it would show that since I hadn’t been home since 6:30 this morning. It doesn’t show up in the iOS app that I arrived or left, just in the Events List. I’m attaching a screenshot showing the snippet of the list that seems relevant.

Do you happen to have “Automatically perform Goodbye!” turned on on your app (this option is available on the Android App, not sure if it applies to IOS).

I have it set to automatically happen when “everyone leaves” which means when it senses that both my wife’s and my iPhone aren’t at the house anymore. I also have it set to not automatically trigger if I’m in the away mode (which I should be if I’m not at home since that’s what the goodbye action does). Nothing else should be triggering the action and both my wife and I work miles from home so I’m not sure why it would show us as present and then away again to make the system think we left the house again.