Water level project

I recently installed a solar powered water feature in the driveway and was frustrated that on several occasions the reservoir ran dry and I was unaware until I was close enough to hear the pump “gurgle”…

So I decided to find a way to detect this before it runs dry.
Hope the photos more or less speaks for itself…

I took an orvibo contact sensor and a AA battery box…

Opened the access hatch to the reservoir and drilled a hole in the flap to attach a stainless steel water float sensor


Took the sensor apart and soldered some connections to the first sensor. Covered these soldered connections with a glue gun for extra protection. Placed the sensor into the battery box after reconfiguration of the battery box to accept two AA batteries.

Refitted the hatch together with sensor and battery box in a plastic bag for extra waterproofing. Hidden under the slate.

Rewrote the orvibo handler to look like a water sensor.

Sensor has been working fine for two months and had to refill twice in the hotter weather. With warning messages handled by a webCoRE piston… :+1:


Ambitious, but you need to find another solution than the plastic bag. Batteries outgas. Unless the battery-operated device is specifically designed to be contained in an airtight container, including a plastic bag, you should not deploy it that way.

Just put it in a project box that has venting on the water sheltered side and you should be fine. Any electrical supply house will have these, or you can get them online. :sunglasses:

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You’re probably right and I should use another box to waterproof it. To be honest it was very experimental and was surprised I pulled it all off in a few hours and working so well.


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