Water Leak Sensor Automation

Hi, forgive me for what seems like a basic question but I have a water leak sensor sitting in a bucket alongside a little giant condesant. pump. I have Smart Lighting set up to turn off the dehumidifier that feeds into the pump in the event that the sensor reads wet. The question I have is will the wet sensor prevent the dehumidifier switch from turning on if I have it on an automation schedule?

It depends on how you setup your automation. Typically it helps to take a screenshot of the logic and attach it w/ your questions. But if your automation is simply turn off switch if sensor is wet. It will do just that turn it off and leave it off until something tell it to turn on.
If you wont some thing more complicated like turn the switch on from 9a-5p but only is the sensor is dry and if the sensor changes to wet turn the switch off… your going to want Core/Webcore or custom automations in the V3 app to manage that correctly.