Water heater leak

Several months ago I got some of the PEQ water sensors. Well last weekend I found out that they work perfectly. I was away from home at work when I got a notification that the water heater was leaking. I was able to use my device that turns off the water and then examine when I got home. Sure enough it was leaking a lot of water. Luckily, I have a pan with a drain so there was no damage, but by being alerted I was able to turn off the water and save a lot of water from going down the drain. I replaced my heater the next day and I’m back in business.

BTW I highly recommend the push on water line connectors. No more soldering. Just a quick press and they fit tight. They made the job so simple the new water heater would have require buying new copper lines which are expensive. These were just $11 each and worked flawlessly.

Smartthings saved me. Thanks


How is your battery life with those PE Q sensors? I haven’t bought a water sensor yet but I’ve been meaning to. I was thinking about getting the fibaro one.

If you’ve had success with the PE Q sensor, and you had a real life situation where it worked, I may just go with those. Do they report out temperature?

I’m not seeing these on the list of things that works with Smartthings. Am I missing it?

Battery Life is great and they do report temp. ANd yes they apir and work just fine with ST, I have a few around the house.

On battery Life my lowest one is 66% and I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had it but got to be creeping up on a year. The other 2 are 88% and at least 6 months old.

PEQ leak/water sensors report OK with the same device type as “SmartSense Moisture Sensor”

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There are several items that are not on that list that work perfectly fine. As for these PEQ leak sensors, I have 8 of them but unlike @celblazer SmartThings never reports a battery life less than 100%. A custom devicetype appears to be needed to fix this problem. I’m sure they are not all still at 100% after 3 months.

3 months is too soon to tell. I have a “similar” SS temp&humidity with CR2 that read 100% for an entire year, and 1-2 months ago went to 88%.

all my PEQs are also reading 100% but it’s only been 4-5 months.

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I have 14+ PEQ water sensors. They are my favorite water sensor.

The battery life is great. Many of mine reported 100% for so long that I found it suspect like some of you have said. But recently some are reporting in the 80s. So the battery reporting is working for me.

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It sounds like the PEQ is better than the SmartThings sensor. I purchased a ST last Monday. By Friday it was down to 77%. It has remained there for six days. My closest device - about five feet away, a multipurpose sensor has been at 88% for a long time. By Friday that device went down to 66%.

The ST water sensor is probably my furthest device. Down a floor and through a door, but still less than 25’ away from the hub. Are these drains common at further distances?

Stories like this warm my heart. Thanks for sharing @btmec! I’m really glad we came to the rescue! :slight_smile:

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