Water & Electricity usage tracking?

Found the FortrezZ flow meter, does it work well?
What about Electricity usage? Does Sense work well?
Would love to know what we’re consuming at any given moment and on a daily basis…

I was going to try sense but we got solar which required a demand management monitoring system. Cool at first but you already know it’s the a/c and pool that’s screwing ya

I saw on the Sense that they do have a model that will deal with solar. It is something on my wish list right now.

We also recently went solar. Yeah we’ve got a variable speed pump for the pool but trying to make sure it’s only running as often as it needs to and just the right RPM is an ongoing challenge… I bought a stenner chlorine pump so I won’t have to worry about the chlorine pucks dissolving fast enough any more and just need to install that now. That should help a lot…

yeah my floating chlorine tablet holder gets sucked in front of the top skimmer and probably dissolves those tablets too fast. I wish the “smart” add-on for those variable speed pumps wasn’t $500.

The variable speed is great but with the DE filter it can run on lower RPMs until the screens get slightly blocked then the rpms have to go up or a backwash. It’s too soon to backwash though, maybe 2 weeks. I feel ya.

We have a gas dryer so we need to put the sensor on the breaker for the washer instead of the 220 which isn’t being used.

You have click on the graph to see the usage labels idk why

What is the demand monitoring system you got (i assume that’s what built this graph?) Is your inverter and solar production app from SolarEdge?

It’s from Inergy. The demand management system and data. It was required by the “nerd power” solar sales people. The electric rates for solar are much higher than non solar here in AZ.