Waste of money

I spent over 20k on my setup now I am in mid install when I realized I got took from smartthings very expensive product yet window and door sensors are non functional since that crap the give you to stick to the doors and windows it falls off. and rteally its not even the door or window the adhesive stays on the door its the sensor that falls off the tape. screwing them in isnt an option with the type of doors and windows I have you would think as much as we pay for those sensors they would provide something that actually works. complete garbage…

You spent over $20,000 on door and window sensors? Where do you live? Buckingham Palace?


no on whole setup thats including all other accessories i spent 800 just in led wifi lightbulbs but if i cant have an alarm it was all for nothing

Maybe try putting them back on your windows with something a little stickier?


Hmmmm… I’ve never had anything fall off the door.

But question, you’re calling the entire ecosystem garbage because of 3m tape???


Ok… You know stuff goes on sale right?


This post has to be a joke. The writing either reflects a great piece of sarcasm, or was written by a moron.


So you put together a > $20K home automation system that has been rendered worthless by some double-sided tape coming loose?

I hear ya’ though. I bought a $1.15 million McLaren P1, but the adhesive on the rear view mirror was defective and it fell off, so I just called a towing company and had them haul that useless heap of junk straight to the scrap yard.


lol ok so I may have over exaggerated the problem but come on it I cant use the sensors just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and is there a fix other then wrapping it in ugly packing tape as ive red some people have done.

Seriously, try something a little stickier than the adhesive that came with yours if it’s not working for you. Like clear mounting tape or something.

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Also, I might just be off base because I have an apartment, it’s not that big (i.e. there’s a limited number of windows, lights, etc). But if you were willing to throw down $20K on your home automation system, couldn’t you have gone for something professionally installed?


sure i could have but you dont seem to understand it isnt as limited as you think i went all the way. washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, doors windows sensors $800 worth of lightbulbs just appliances were 10k plus indoor and outdoor cameras you run it up faster then you think. plus i have voice control over everything in my home. see smartthings is designed for people to buy things as you can afford them. I had to buy everything at once. I live in louisiana and back in August we flooded I had 3 feet of water in my home some had it worse. got house all fixed up and after 8 months i get to move back in. before flood I was with iris then came there crappy 2nd generation hub that wasnt an upgrade it downgraded my whole system to not work at all. so i figured time for a fresh start.

Get yourself some of this stuff. Nothing like trying to remove some tape and having to do drywall repair afterwards.


I use 3M command strips. They work well at normal temperature ranges and it’s easy to take the sensor down to change the batteries. Just don’t put them too near a window as direct sunlight through glass can get too hot unless you use the outdoor models. They also have separate models for humid environments like a bathroom.



I use Command picture hanging strips. Basically velcro. Works perfectly and easy to remove devices when needed.



Once you get past this non sticky situation, what are you using for voice control?

Alexa or Google home?

Here is my method that has never failed me for any surface (painted drywall, glass, tile, plastic) and doesn’t ruin the surface (no repainting)!

Get some blue painters tape and this stuff.

I the put the painters tape (cut to the exact shape on both the surface and device. Make sure it is on there good by rubbing it with your finger. Then put a piece of the double sided tape above on the device. Rub it in for 10-20 seconds leaving before removing the Strip that protects the one side of adhesive. Then remove the Strip and press into place for a good 5-10 seconds. It will stay and as it cures over 2-3 hours it will be very strong, hence the painters tape incase you need to remove it.

Why don’t you use this? You are interesting.
Rule 1: Never put something on when you may need to change Betteries!

I just use hot glue.

Super glue works better…If you need to change the location of the sensor you just have to move the window or door around.