Waste of Money and Time

I knew this would be a waste of money. I’m 5 hours into trying to set up V2 hub and nothing will connect. the hub doesn’t connect to my network, no devices will connect, this thing is a brick.

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if your in the US support@smarthtings.com UK support@smarthtings.co.uk . Keep int mind it is the weekend, you may not hear from them till monday. Be sure to include what LEDs on the unit have what color. If it’s truly dead i know support will replace it.

Now the app won’t even open. It’s one thing after another. I should have gone with a different system.

complaining to the community is a nice way to vent… but if you actually want someone to do something about it, as @sidjohn1 said… contact support… Or, post to the hub v2 thread where people are talking about issues and see if something can help you there.

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I’m sure that’s frustrating! The status page shows a current issue with setting up new hubs. Write to support and they can let you know once it is fixed:


@scook take a look at the bottom of this thread… a bunch of us have been having problems.


Sorry about that. We were having some issues with new hubs but that should be fixed now. If you are still having trouble definitely let support know and we can get you sorted out :smile: