Washer/Dryer Notifications?

I have a Wemo Insight Switch. It’s supposed to notify me when the cycle is done and the power consumption drops below an adjustable set point. It works about once in every 100 washes :confused:

@anon36505037, I was going to buy the Samsung “Smart” Washer too, but the reviews I read about the practicality of it were kind of horrible. The cycle monitoring was the most used feature (when users could actually get their phones synced properly). I decided to save a couple hundred bucks and just get a “dumb” washer.

It’s a Christmas surprise for the wife that arrives this Monday, so, I think I’m going for the metered power solution.

Others have noted that Multi-Sensors don’t really perform well in modern washer/dryer “on” state monitoring, which is why the power meter solution was presented.

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It may be possible to use one of these instead. The clamps wrap around the wires of your dryer and sense the wattage flowing through. I don’t know the specifics, but I linked another thread that briefly mentioned it. Maybe @Mike_Maxwell can chime in on this.


Aeon Power Meter. Can’t go wrong with these CoRE pistons. I tried the Multisensor and way too false positives.


I just had to replaced a broken dryer, already had a HEM on it so couldn’t fathom a need for a smart one, so got a dumb Samsung instead. Very happy with it and the HEM works exceedingly well for any 220v devices you may have.

My SmartThings Multi-Sensor wasn’t sensitive enough to reliably detect activity on the washer or dryer and my dryer is 220v so I couldn’t monitor energy.

I ended up using a regular contact sensors on my washing machine and laundry room doors, a virtual switch for each machine.

I created a custom SmartApp that detects when each machine has started/stopped based on those devices and run time settings and it sends audio notifications and 5 minute reminders for each machine.

It works great for me, but it’s customized towards my setup and there are multiple laundry monitoring SmartApps so I didn’t post it to GitHub.

I recently installed a Aeon HEM Power Meter v1 to notify me me when my Washer or Dryer completes a cycle. This is much more reliable than using a multisensor for our machines.

I used the following Device Handler from @Mike_Maxwell as a starting point and made a few tweaks to suit my needs. Works like a champ!

I had false positives, until I adjusted for the duty cycle of my washer. It vibrates while washing and then while spinning, but not while filling… you just have to extend the minimum cycle time and fill time to cover it. Mine are 35 and 8 minutes respectively. Long as the sensor battery is still good, it works very well. Of course, it’s a fairly old washer by now…, perhaps 12 years old.

Wow thanks for all of the input ! I’m going to try a power meter on the washer and multi on my dryer.

For you guys using CoRe and power monitoring.
I’m trying to do the same for my bread maker but it’s tricky, I’m using a simple piston
If energy goes above 20W for 1 minute
Energy goes below 2 W for 30 minutes
Energy goes above 20W for 1 minute
Energy goes below 1W for one minute
Send push notification.

And I using the right piston? Does it check my parameters chronologically?

I knew I was missing something, thanks again!

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I’ve got the Samsung Smart Washer, in fact in the UK most of the Samsung washers on sale now have WiFi and can be integrated with ST. You just can’t do much with it yet on ST the Smart Home works perfectly in the UK… I find IFTTT works better as the middle man. I’ve got my hues flashing and TTS via virtual switches.

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I installed an Iris outlet today for my washer, inspired by this thread. Below is the Recently section from the app, where my outlet turned itself into an Amazon Echo. I don’t have an Echo.

That’s just too much :slight_smile:

Ummm… that would occur if you are sending it commands via an Echo which you have set to respond to ‘echo’ rather than ‘alexa’. I have a list like that, though not spaced exactly an hour apart…

I am curious as to what is causing the issue. It was installed at 11:20, as a Thing. I changed it in the IDE to the SmartPower Outlet, and renamed it to Washer Outlet. It is not set to send/receive any commands yet, and has no smartapps. The only Alexa device I have is a Tap in the garage.

I believe if you have Alexa set to discover all devices by default then any new device you add will do that

My Christmas tree is plugged into a similar device, but it does not refer to anything Amazon Echo.

Edit: I checked my Alexa app on my phone, and indeed it is set up to discover all my ST devices. The Washer Outlet was listed as “disabled”, but after removing it and doing another discovery/search it found it again as a normal device. I suspect that at 9:04 (when it does its hourly thing), it will revert back to its normal listing.

@ogiewon Can you share the changes that you made to the Device Handler from @Mike Maxwell. Thanks so far it been the best at reading the dryer and washer state.

I posted my version here…