Wanting custom rules - Having trouble with TV/Sonos Playbar

(Scott Haynes) #1

I’m wanting to create rules to do the following:

Using Rule Machine

  1. Motion senor turns on living room lights (Hue) and turns off after 5 minutes of no motion
  2. When we are watching TV (condition of Samsung TV on or Sonos Playbar playing), change the color and level of the lights AND do not change lights based on motion
  3. Go back to first state when we are not watching TV

I’m running into trouble getting the TV “on” state (Samsung UN65H6350) or the Playbar “playing” state (optical cable from TV). Any ideas on getting either of these devices to show that we are watching TV and rule #2 should apply?


Plug them into a smart outlet and set the rule based on power consumption?

(Scott Haynes) #3

Well… that’s easy enough. Thanks! :grin:

(Stuart Buchanan) #4

If your router supports something like my smartapp you can enable a switch n st when your smart tv connects to your wifi network. It works well for all my tv’s