Wanted: A way to make the smart light switches in the house do a possessed house "light show"

Hey there -

Crazy request, but any suggestions for how to trigger a whole-house “light show” with lights all over the house going on and off at random and for random fast intervals? I am shooting a short film in my house and I want it to appear “possessed” for a scene in the movie. House has GE z-wave switches all over the place for the lights.

Are there any Smart Apps that would allow this kind of functionality? Or maybe I could do it through webCORE pistons? I have webCORE but am a relative novice with doing anything fancy with it.

Any advice would be appreciated.


If it’s for a film, people generally want it to appear random when viewed later but to in fact be exactly reproducible in case you need to reshoot anything. Or you want to shoot from multiple angles. Or you just want to highlight certain specific things.

In any case, it would certainly be easy to write a sequence in webcore which turns specific lights on and then turns them off again shortly afterwards. Just a little tedious, but again, I would think that would make more sense for a film than actually having a completely random sequence.

Just a thought. :ghost: :scream_cat: :cloud_with_lightning:


Yeah, agreed… pseudo random and reproducible would be totally fine in this case… I could totally just create a fake random lightshow in a webCore piston, if the effect would be “frantic” enough… i.e. if the timings of the lights going on and off/blinking/dimming up/dimming down… was rapid enough… I’ll need to experiment to see if the lag of doing it with webCORE would make everything so slow that it would ruin the effect…

Has anyone done anything with a webCORE piston that has “rapid-fire” events triggering?

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Webcore has their own forum where most of the experts hang out – – you should ask over there. :sunglasses: But I know some people do Light shows for Halloween which would probably work.