Want to write an Edge driver for a bathroom/weight scale

I think there isn’t any current capability when I look over the docs. Did I miss something?

Any recommendations for what to explore - I’m expecting to just show the latest value reported on the widget - but is the unit “pound” (lbs) available - I think I’ve seen it used for air pressure sensors. Can you declare any unit type you want in the capability (unit type appears to be a “string” but is it validated?).

It would be nice to be able to see the values in HISTORY for the device page in the app.

I’m not looking for fancy - not going to worry about which persons weight is being tracked.

This will just be for my own personal use not commercial. I’ve done two other Edge drivers for my personal use (switches and valves) but this looks to be outside of the norm for Smartthings integrations.

Brand/model of the scale?

Making my own - using an ESP32 with HX711 comparator with four load cells. I can handle the communication between the Edge driver and the ESP32, I’m looking for advice about developing a driver that is “outside the norm” for supported capabilities.

Is this helpful?



Oh, didn’t run into this. Good catch that the capabilities are mixed in with the protocol libraries. I won’t be using zwave but this may be the basic capabilities I’m looking for. Thanks for the link.

Yes, not sure how I missed it - I looked thru Production, Proposed and Archived and still missed it.

Thanks to all - I’ll start coding in a couple of days.

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