Want to start creating apps

I am a looking to create a app but have never coded before. wanted your help where should I start?

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The developer docs are a good place to start. While not always perfect (what docs are?) they are actually really good.


They have a good primer on Groovy: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/getting-started/groovy-basics.html


If you’re writing the app because you want to learn how to program, then start with the links that @desertblade posted.

If the only reason you’re writing the app is to accomplish a specific automation, you’re better off using CoRE. It’s a rule engine that doesn’t require you to learn how to program, but can do almost everything that can be done by writing a custom app.

Thank you I am looking to Learn! I ma using CoRE and smart rules now.

@ desertblade Thank you will take a look