Want to scheudle LED Osram Light Strip with Color Temp

i am using the Smart Lighting SmartApp to control Sylvania Osram Smart+ Light Strips. I want to have them come on at a certain time, and set the color and dimmer level. When I use the Smart Lighting app I can only set the color temp as a few options. Soft White, White, Moonlight, Cool White and Daylight. The SmartApp does what I want, except it does not allow a specific color temperature. Any idea how I can get this?

I don’t have that model, but can you set the color temperature in a scene?

Yes you can by using scenes. I don’t use scenes. And am confused by scenes vs routines. Should I be using scenes to set up a away home morning night automation?

If you are using the new V3 app, then there are no routines anymore, and scenes have more features than in the V2 classic app. So I think you can do what you want with scenes in the new app.

The scenes that are in the classic app are just the first iteration of that concept and they have fewer features. So if you are using the classic app you might have to go to custom code to get color temperature controls.

I have never really used the new app. Have just used the classic app. So I would need to start over with setting up scenes versus routines.

I probably could be better about setting up automation. Currently I use the smart lighting app to set up on off schedules. I think I would be better off setting up scenes to define the ons and offs.

I just figured it out. I set up a scene with the right settings and trigger it using the smart lighting app. All good. It wasn’t 100% clear.

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