Wanna create a new device type of Z-wave In-wall 2 Realy Switch

I’d like to create a new device type to control 2 Relay Switch. I am totally new on Smartthings and don’t know where to start. The following are the manual of the device. And I would like to create a device handler to control 2 Relay Switches separately. Any feedback will be much appreciated, thank you.

Not sure this will work but you can try the Emerwave dual Relay device handler from this post here. Also there is a monoprice dual Relay handler out there as well. Just do a search on the forum.

To clarify, you want a single Device handler to control 2 devices?

Tech note: this device uses multichannel Association (not regular Association) to establish the second endpoint.

Thanks guys. Especially thanks to Navat604. This is a simple/rough device type that works.