Wall switch don’t work with Fibaro d2

Hi, I have just connect my first Fibaro dimmer 2 with my st. But I have some problem.
I can turn on and turn off my lamp in the app but I can’t use my wall switch any more. Nothing happens.
Second, on my dashboard it just says “turningon/turningoff. And the dimmer is always at 0% even if the lamp is in full light.

Any suggestions?


Toggle or momentary switch?

What handler are you using?

Thanks for fast reply, sorry if I’m sound like I newbie(I really am)
I have a wall switch that don’t fold back, (I have ordered new ones) as for the handler I don’t know, I just pair it through my iPhone app.

You mean a standard on/off switch (toggle switch)?

The Fibaro is setup to use a momentary (push to make / retractive) type switch so wont work with a toggle switch out the box.

Also, the default ST handler won’t work either and it won’t let you change the switch type parameter.

You need to install a custom device handler to get full functionality… I reccomend this one:

And here’s a guide for how to install it:

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Once you have the custom handler installed and assigned to the device, view the device in the ST mobile app, click the cog symbol and change parameter 20 to 1 (toggle switch mode).

The click done, watch it sync and you should be in busness.