Wall switch changes mode setting/Hello, Home

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Hello all!

I have SmartThings at each of my houses, one of which has a Nest Thermostat. I have added the Nest using the code I found in the forum…Works great. Now I need a way to automate it a bit more. When I am driving to town, I would like the house to preheat and change the Hello, Home or mode based on my location. The IFTTT Android location will work by setting the thermostat and turning on specific lights. However, the mode or Hello, Home programs can’t be initiated by IFTTT.

I guess what I am needing is a way for a switch on/off status to change the mode or better yet, run a specific Hello, Home routine. That way, I could use IFTTT to determine my location, which could then turn on a switch, which could then change the mode/run a specific Hello, Home. Same thing when I leave town…if IFTTT turns off a specific switch, the house goes into Goodbye mode.

I have done some coding in my time, but just started using SmartThings and haven’t dived into how to accomplish this. Anyone have any suggestions or could code this up quickly?


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Check out this post:

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The code you provided in that topic works great for what I needed! Thank you so much, Eric!

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You are welcome. :smile:


I looked at @baldeagle072 's code in the other topic linked to above, and I see how it works, which is good.

But I’m just wondering if anyone has done this with only one “man in the middle” instead of 3 (IFTTT --> virtual switch --> virtual presence sensor).

I know this can be done with a button controller, but surely someone has code already written where just flipping a binary switch changes the mode. Or does the ST environment always require two “men in the middle,” the switch and the presence detector, to make this work?

Anyone? @MichaelS ? @tslagle13 ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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See if these will work for you: https://github.com/MichaelStruck/SmartThings/tree/master/IFTTT-SmartApps