Wall Sockets / Light dimmers

Good morning all! Greetings from Singapore!

Does anyone know of a uk wired wall socket/light dimmers that can work with ST hub?
Currently on amazon.uk but all i see are lightwave wall sockets which I read is not very user friendly with ST hub.

Appreciate the community’s recommendations pls :slight_smile: Thank you!

Fibaro dimmers work with ST, and UK electrics. Are these for use in Singapore?
The reason the UK range is so limited is we have no in-wall Neutral on a lighting circuit usually, whereas the US does - so we can only use dimmers that work without a neutral.
Although Singapore uses the same three pin “type G” plug as the UK, you might find that your lighting is wired differently with a neutral line which means there are many more dimmers you can use.

There’s no in-wall switched three pin plugs that I know of, so you need a plug-in device like the TKB, or ST outlet if you like fire risk.

@pillockThank you for your help!

Hi Candy, if you need a TKB UK on/off plug, hope this can be helpful for you: