Wall Outlet Not Reporting In - GE JAS45605 - GE 45605

I’ve had these outlets for about 5 years now, and I’m finally starting to get tired of them not working properly. These are the only “red dot” devices consistently on my Smartthings network that fall off, after turning the switched outlet on and off a few times using the app or the hard button on the outlet, the red dot goes away and they “wake up” and then within usually a few hours or a half a day they are back to reporting “offline” again. It’s weird because you can switch them on and off via the app instantly, it’s just that the smartthings classic app constantly reports “this device is unavailable”. Hoping there is a miracle driver or fix someone’s seen with these?

Same issue here for years. I gave up on them. They respond to external commands (like from webcore or actiontiles), but are perpetually offline

Hi BDP! did you try with the new smartthings app instead with the classic app? It does actually sometimes have to do with what the device is reporting to smartthings.

I have had these guys dropping for years as well. I changed the most annoying one to the Z-wave+ new version and so far it has been fine as well as another troublesome one; maybe these 2 were in cahoots!

Interesting. I wonder if I put one new one in if the other old ones would fall in line. I’ve got 5 of these stupid things.

Can’t say I’ve tried them in the new app yet. I’ve been avoiding it due to the poor routine support. Anyone else?