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Wall mounting a tablet for control panel


(Ahmed) #21

@joshua_lyon what exactly is the SharpTools android utility? it’s different to the actual dashboard UI

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #22

SharpTools for Android is primarily a set of Tasker plugins and Android widgets that interact with SmartThings.

(Joshua Greene) #23

I set the screen saver to dim at 0 and didnt put in any pictures or web address for the screen saver. The screen dims pretty low then pauses and looks as it it turns off completely, then with motion it comes back on quickly.

This seems to be a great fix!

(Ahmed) #24

Just getting my Galaxy Tab 2 ready and i’ve disabled unnecessary apps to keep it as clean as possible, but noticed that the Fully Kiosk Browser app isnt available on play store and when i go via the browser to locate it, it says not supported on this device. If i type Full Kiosk Browser there are others that show up. Wondering if I should use one of the others?

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #25

What Android OS version is the Galaxy Tab 2 running? If I remember correctly, the developer has deprecated support for Android OS versions older than 4.4.

You can also download Fully Kiosk Browser directly from the developers website:

(For Fire OS users, it’s preferred to download Fully directly from the developers site)

(Ahmed) #26

The Galaxy tab 2 is running 4 point something i’d have to check exactly what version can’t remember.

(Ahmed) #27

The android version the Galaxy Tab 2 has is 4.2.2, so does that mean I need to find an alternative? or are there older versions of it that works with 4.2.2?

(Ahmed) #28

I want to plug-in my tablet to a Smart Things power outlet. I’m thinking to create a tasker rule to wake up the screen when device is plugged in. So when motion is detected by a nearby motion sensor then webcore piston can turn on the ST outlet. But i want to also create something when battery of the device drops to 30% to turn the ST outlet on but not sure how can you have tablet status trigger a ST action?

(Brian Diehl) #29

Use Tasker and Sharptools and you can trigger that.

(Ahmed) #30

@joshua_lyon what is the security and privacy arrangement with allowing either sharptools or actiontiles access to smartthings? for example, a user has to allow a third party app like sharptools or actiontiles to access their smartthings, after this does that mean theoretically the owner of that app can access my smartthings devices etc?

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #31

SmartThings third party services are authenticated with the industry standard OAuth flow. This is the same flow you’ll see if you authorize IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, or anything else. The third party services get a token which grants access to just the specific devices you authorize - and the authorization can be revoked at any time (for example, by tapping ‘Deny’ during the authorization flow or uninstalling the supporting SmartApp). Also note that these apps have to be officially reviewed, approved, and published by SmartThings so only a hand selected group of apps have access to the functionality.

(Ahmed) #32

The Galaxy Tab is proving to be a bit of nuisance as it’s got very old OS, even with other full screen kiosk apps, I just cannot seem to get it full screen immersive mode and hide the system back and home buttons. So I am thinking to cut my loses and by another tablet but not wanting to spend a lot. So I came across the Amazon Fire HD 8. It’s the latest fire HD tablet and very reasonably priced. Currently £59.99. Has anyone had any experience with mounting this fire HD 8? Can this tablet enter full immersive mode and hide system bar etc?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #33

Yes: Use the ActionTiles App (in the Amazon Appstore - just search for “SmartThings”) which is based on Fully; but then if you want wake on motion or other “Fully PLUS” features, then just download and buy a Fully PLUS License.

(Ahmed) #34

On action tiles, if i wanted the status of the SHM to show armed, disarmed etc, can it show? and also is there a way to have a disarm button but when you press it you need a pin or something?

(Ron Talley) #35

Yes and yes

(Ahmed) #36

@tgauchat You mentioned the ActionTiles app Amazon Appstore. So If I use this app, I won’t need a seperate Full Screen Kiosk App to launch actiontiles dashboard? Also, you mentioned that the Full Plus features allows to wake up on motion. Can you explain how this works? Because currently on my Samsung tab i was going to plug the device into a ST power outlet and have a tasker rule that turns display on when power is turned on. And then based on motion I can get ST to turn on the power to that outlet. But i’m wondering if you app has it then it will save me buying a ST outlet just to turn the screen on.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #37

Yes to both - but at this time, only Classic SHM is compatible.

The optional App is called “Fully Kiosk”.

One of its paid features is the ability to use the front facing camera (not the proximity sensors) to detect motion and wake the screen. The sensitivity is adjustable, but doesn’t work in the dark, unlike a PIR smart motion sensor.

If the screen doesn’t wake, just tapping it usually works, or your Android tablet might have a wake up on Proximity Detector feature (unrelated to Fully’s own camera based motion detection).

Fully also offers wake on sound detection, but I’ve never tried it.

(Ahmed) #38

How customisable is the UI? noticed you can create CSS kind styling. But can the entire theme and layout be custom? Like instead of using Metro Tile concept if I wanted something different list of rooms and then show a page depending on the room selected? Is that possible?

(Ahmed) #39

Where would I set the pin to disarm it? and also, if arming can we set a timer once armed is pressed?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #40

ActionTiles is increasingly customizable, but we do currently focus on our core “Tiles” (obviously?) design which has made us tremendously successful. While we have many ways to expand as a company, it is usually a strategic mistake to lose focus.

Please explore the App. PIN is defined in the Panel Builder settings and applied to each Tile as you wish, including to SHM Tile.

Timers cannot be handled effectively/reliably by the front-end. This is best manged using the SHM Delay SmartApp available from a Community member here.

We believe in careful determination of where in the overall architecture each piece of functionality belongs. A lot belongs in the SmartThings Cloud - not in a front-end UI.