Wall Keypads?

If you already have the iPads then reusing them as control centers, probably with the very popular smarttiles would make a lot of sense. Many people really like this option.


There are just a few things to keep in mind.

First, when using a tablet control center, there still has to be some smart device that’s actually controlling each light. This could be a smart switch, or a smart bulb.

Second, the tablet control centers work best for adults. If you have children under eight, even as visitors, then the tablet control centers may not work as well for them.

Third, and this is obviously an edge case, but it happens to be one that affects me: service dogs can’t use tablet control centers. But then, they would have trouble with the insteon type multibutton switch as well.

So as with many things, it just comes down to your particular needs. But the tablet control centers, whether with a cheap android tablet or a repurposed iPad, are a good choice for many people.

There’s even a topic in the forums just for people to discuss the various mounting options they’ve used for tablet control centers. Some very cool ideas. :sunglasses: