Wall controller to use instead of Leviton VRCZ4-MOZ?

So I purchased 3 of these (100+ each) to work with my smart things hub. Talking to Leviton, they don’t work together.

Here is my Goal:
I am converting every switch in my house (62 of them) over to Zwave and integrating them with the smart things hub and Alexa.
I have 4 places that had 4 way switches. I don’t need those anymore so my thought was install the VRCZ4 in those areas and I could control other lights from those locations (be in the kitchen and turn on the front porch).

So I have straight power going to these locations and have removed them from the 3-way that they used to be connected to.

Is there ANY device that I can use 3 or 4 buttons on that will allow me to program whatever “remote switch” I want on them?

Any help would be needed. I am almost done with this project and this is my final task.

Thanks - Barney

The “Z” Versions don’t work well with smartthings, but the “S” Versions, which use different commandsets, do, and are quite popular, just expensive.

There are some other options as well. See the following recent thread (this is a clickable link)


I ordered and received 1 of the S version switchs (Leviton VRCS4-M0Z Vizia RF + 4 Controller).

I read the info on the post and MOST of it makes sense. I have the stiech installed with just power (no load).

I don’t understand how to: To use the scene control buttons, you need to go into the api and reassign it from a ZWave remote to my Z-Wave Scene Controller device type. (The device type is available on github at: https://github.com/bdahlem/device-type.Z-Wave-Scene-Controller) Now when you press the buttons, the remote should report which button was pressed. You may need to open up the device tile and press the configure button.

What API? How do I get to the API?

Thanks - Barney

The API In this context means the IDE, which is the browser access to your smartthings account.


For any other questions, ask in the thread where you got the code and you will get the fastest answer. :sunglasses:

Also, if you haven’t yet, you might read the FAQ on using custom code

Hi Barney,

I just committed a first-cut DTH and SmartApp for the Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z, adapted from the VRCS4 modules by @ygelfand.

They seem to be working perfectly for on/off with my various Philips Hue bulbs and strips – still have to look at adding dimmer functionality. I’ve also left (most) of @ygelfand’s Z-Wave code in place, so it should be possible to support both Z-Wave Direct Association and plain-old SmartThings integration.

Will update the repository if/when I get dimmer functionality added.

I’d be curious to see if they work for your 3 VRCZ4-M0Zs?


I honestly have not been able to make my 3 VRCZ4-M0Z’s work. I am a IT guy and like to think I can do a lot, but the programming of this TOTAL baffles me. I think it is me getting old.

Do you think it is possible to talk to you on the phone. I think a 5 minute conversation will get me started and then I can dig in on the project.

I do not mind giving you my number to call or my email. Just let me know if that is something you would be willing to help me with.


Sure, I’d be happy to talk – just let me know when/where to call.

FWIW, it took me a lot of documentation-reading, poking around, and a great many log.debugs to make sense of what’s going on…and some of the architecture just isn’t straightforward (despite the mostly excellent docs).

In the meantime, though, I think my devicetype handler and smartApp should work for you as-is. Have you tried them yet?