Wait xmins after going to away mode?

Hi! Im just starting to play with the hub, and I have one question.

Im using an ipad in the wall as the comand center, i would like to use it to go to goodbye or aim back modes… But when i choose goodbye the mode changes inmidiatly and all the lights come off as they should, but as soon as I open the door to go out, it detecte the opened door and turns again everythin on, sounds alarm etc etc… Is there a way to have it setted up as: goodbye, changing to away mode in 1 min…?

Thanks! I hope Inwasa clear!

Try my app.

Hello, Home Phrase Director

Does all of this automatically based in presence for you. You can find it by searching the official app section in the app.

Hi! Thanks for your fast reply. Its a great app and its what Im using; but I dont want to tie it only to me (by detecting the location of my phone) since I have plenty of people coming in and out of my home and I want them to be able to set the modes from the ipad. If there could be an offset that would be great, as when you arm an alarm, you have some seconds to get out and lock the door.


Ahhhh ok cool. Check this out. @625alex makes an awesome alarm app. Does what you need it to I think :smile:

Your other option would be an app that looks for a virtual button toggle that then incoprates a wait period before it runs a phrase. I could write that up in a few minutes lol. Let me know what you would like. But check out the alarm app first and let me know if that works for you.