Wadja get? Summer 2022 Edition (“What did you get?”)

Anybody get anything good on the sales this year?

I went ahead and got the Alexa controlled delta kitchen faucet. :droplet::potable_water: i’ll report back once it’s installed.

My housemate got a new gaming laptop after having seen everything out of stock for almost a year. Plus some accessories for it.

I also got the Wemo scene controller (works with HomeKit, not smartthings), another Meross power strip, two voice activated window air conditioners, and some cables and household stuff. :sunglasses:


Picked up an iRobot mopping robot to go with my vacuuming bots.

The number of Robots in the house now officially equals the number of people.

If they become self aware, its still a fair fight numberswise.


3D printer

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DeWALT impact socket set. Is there an Edge driver for it?




Oooooooh, shiny! :heart_eyes:

What model?

Creality Ender v2. It just arrived and one side of the box is completely soggy

That’s what I have, minus the soggy bit.

Picked up an Echo Show 8 to add to the Alexa fleet, and a D-Link DGS-105 switch.

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of course I received a printer that does not work and I really do not want to go through the hassle of waiting a couple of weeks to receive a part from China and hope the part works. If that part doesn’t work, I start the process over ago with another part shipped and so forth. easier to return it, lose the prime day savings and but another one. argh! so frustrated

should have said REALLY FRUSTRATED!!

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HA HA - just found it for a cheaper price elsewhere

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Echo show 15 and show 8. Traded in my original echos shows for an additional 25% off and $60 in gift cards! Also got a 3 Blink Camera set. Spent the last 36 hours trying to make it all work properly. Not convinced I’m going to get it all working the way I imagined. I’ll have a verdict in another week or so after I get everything permanently installed.

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What was broken/missing on it?

Honestly, if I was buying a new printer now, I’d go for the Ender 3 S1 non-Pro version.

The z-axis motor

The S1 is nice but the price over what I wanted to spend this year. I blame that on my dog and her expensive treatments.

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Update: got the Delta faucet installed and it’s working great. Everybody loves it. I’m the only one using voice, the others are just using touch, but that’s fine. Except for filling water bottles. Then they all use voice. Seriously, this thing is great for filling a water bottle exactly, no under or overflow, just with the voice command.

(The Amazon sale is over, but as of this writing Lowes has an “exclusive” Delta model in this line at a similar price to the Amazon sale.)

Anyway, really happy with the purchase. :sunglasses:

received my replacement 3D printer today… it set up fine and works. Now I get to 3D print! Happy now :slight_smile:


Update: Got the Show 15 wired into the wall.

I also set up an Alexa routine to automatically launch the Alexa Smart Home Dashboard when the Echo detects a person. The people detection on the device isn’t as responsive as a simple motion detector, it has a cool down period of 7 to 20 minutes before detecting again. I also suspect it may have some additional reliance on light levels and/or time of day. Hopefully Amazon will change the algo to make the detection more useful. I could always use a separate motion detector