Volvo commercial changing my Ecobee thermostat

Wife mentioned the family room was getting hotter several times last week and said the thermostat was changed and she didn’t touch it. I checked my Smartthings history and my Ecobee had changed coinciding when she said it had changed. I couldn’t think of why. A little later a Volvo commercial came on and I hear “hey google. turn up the heat”! I looked and my temp setting increased by three degrees. Now what to do to stop it. I went into google home and created a routine activated by the words “turn up the heat” with no actions but to speak “I didn’t listen to the stupid commercial”. Stopped the problem and the wife is happy. Like they say, happy wife, happy life!


Clever! :sunglasses:

For Amazon devices, there is a way for someone making a commercial to slightly change the frequency of the word “Alexa” so that echo devices won’t act on it, but I don’t know if there’s anything similar for Google home. And it’s only the big companies that do this.

This is why Paul Hibbert always says “She who must not be named” instead of Alexa in his informational videos on home automation. :wink:


I’ve noticed this and it’s pretty slick.

Apparently I have the same ability to alter the frequency with my voice :frowning:.

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