VoiceLabs wants to put interactive ads into your Alexa skills

Yeah the problem is as is mentioned in the article, this completely violates the Amazon rules for skills. They are very strict about where advertisements can appear, and it’s mostly just in streaming podcasts and music stations. Not in an ordinary skill like playing a trivia game.

So this company has come up with something but it’s not going to change what people hear because Amazon won’t allow it. They’ve been very clear that they think that people will be unhappy if ads appear in ordinary skills.

Annoyingly, amazon now runs pre roll trailers promoting their own prime content, in their prime video app, but only on fire tv/stick. You can’t disable it, nor skip through it.
Not that I was super impressed with fire tv compared to an nvidia shield…
But that was enough to completly take fire off the shelf for the streaming device standard in my house.

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