Voice control will never be the same: Introducing Ezlo VOI™

Thought I’d share this here since it is an interesting new setup in progress. Since I use both a Vera Plus hub and v3 SmartThings hub, I am watching it closely.

My experience with Vera has been quite poor. Most devices I had integrated with Vera I’ve moved to SmartThings. Amazingly, I have more devices running locally now than I did before.

If this works as intended, it has potential to be a game changer, though. Of course, it’s all cloud to cloud, so that may bring problems.

Funny thing on the Vera forum, they’re bragging that this will let you control SmartThings from your Vera.

That’s weird for me it says,

Sorry, we can’t find that page

We’ll send out a search party. In the meantime, please return to our home page.

Ha! They already pulled the link!

If they post it again, I’ll update the link.


New link if old one doesn’t work.

another version IFTT?

They actually ditched their IFTTT beta integration they were working on, I believe in favor of this.

This will run anything attached to Google Assistant or Alexa from within the Vera app. Their app is junk right now, so we’ll see if they can improve it enough.

For the last few years, the “tap” has been the primary way people interface with their apps and connected devices. But the tap is on its way out, and voice will soon be the most common way in which people interact with their surroundings.

I thought voice control is mainstream (most common) and slowly real switches will take over again.
But I might have been living in a different reality than the author of the blog post. Hahaha…

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