Voice control existing remote controls w/ST and GHome

I have a celing fan / light that I recently installed with a GE Smartswitch. The switch only turns on the power to the celing fan/light with ST/GH or by manually flipping the switch. I still control the dimming and fan speed with its remote. Are there any products that can integrate with ST and GHome to initiate control of speed and dimming of my ceiling fan/light? tx!

Are both the fan & light controlled with ONE in wall switch or two.
If separate you can use a dimmer or on / off wall switch for the light and appropriate bulbs and the fan switch needs to be specifically Fan control switch (works as a dimmer) to control the fan speeds.

There are many threads regarding fan / light config’s …
Here is one:


For better or worse the switch box was originally a chandelier so just one control for the unit - but the workaround was the remote control dimmer / fan speed control - but for automation I can only control the outlet on/off - so I use the remote to control dimming and fan speed. I didnt’ know if there was an IR or whatever my remote uses that could be configured somehow through ST to emit the necessary frequencies like a voice universal remote? perphaps in one year we may have that I guess - thanks~!