Voice Control Alternative to Amazon & Google, standalone?

At the present time there is no mass market voice control HA processor that I’m aware of that is not cloud-based simply because natural voice processing is incredibly data intensive. Remember that this isn’t simply transcription, the way Dragon NaturallySpeaking works – – the HA voice input is actually being used as a trigger for other actions, in this case being formatted into a message that can be passed along to the actual home automation control partner.

We have a detail topic on voice control solutions that existed before the echo was released, but all of the things you can buy off-the-shelf that are discussed in that thread are cloud-based.

It is possible to build your own using a laptop as the brain, and some community members have done that, but most of those don’t give you the flexibility of the cloud-based systems – – you have to speak a very specific phrase for each intent. But that should be doable if it’s really important to you.

There are a couple of kickstarter projects that have been promising local versions of systems like echo or Google home, but the ones I’ve seen don’t hold any patents and personally I don’t think they’ll ever come to market in the way that they are currently described. Either the voice processing will end up being cloud-based, or it’s going to be a very limited set of phrases. But we’ll see. :sunglasses:

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