Voice announcer project, ideas needed

I am wanting to build a perimeter warning system. I have everything laid out but want to use some sort of voice announcement system instead of a siren. You know something when tripped that will play a pre-recorded message over a speaker. Haven’t been able to locate a device except in Europe. Was hoping to source from USA. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You can use a Sonos and this app [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera to announce/speak the custom message in addition to the siren/other actions.

Or you can use a Sonos and build some custom rules using CoRE/WebCoRE

Alexa can now be invoked with Triggers.

I have setup all kinds of cool things for Alexa to say based on Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor and Switches. Way cheaper than a Sonos and more reliable than using Lannoucer on a tablet.

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Are you looking for something inside or outside?

Outside, you could have a speaker connected to an Alexa device via BT. Set up the rules there to play when tripped.

Inside, you could use WebCore to create a complex rule for you that will play what you want. I have mine so that when the system is armed, it detects the room and plays a warning to the intruder in that room. It then sends a different message to me via Alexa and sms.


You can use Lannouncer along with webcore to do this on a compatible speaker

Let’s assume I am a complete moron. I cannot find where to get Alexa to announce a door opening sensor. Can you please help?

In the SmartThings Classic App, goto the Automation tab, then the SmartApp tab. Click the Alexa app and then select the sensors you want to show up in the Alexa App.

In the Alexa app, goto Routines, then click the + icon. “When this happens” select appropriate sensor, then for the Action “Alexa Says”.


Ok went to ST app checed sensors in alexa bit when I go to Alexa app routines they do not show up. I did run diacovery

In routines you will find the sensors under devices off Alexa had discovered them.
If you recently added to Alexa you will need to go through device discovery before they are available ( “Alexa, discover my devices”)