Voice Alert?

Hi All,

I looked and could’t find a solution.

I’m using 2012 Nexus 7 as a dedicated station with Smarttiles mounted on a dock. I would like to have voice alert for different sensor, for example “Main Entrance motion” or “Terrace Door open.” The sound will come from the Nexus 7.

Thanks in advance for your help.

HI @vicjagsingh, Just use this, with upnp monkey, or any other mediarenderer for android

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Another option is VLCThing… I know it says it’s broken but it works fine for me.

I’m using a wall mounted tablet and tasker on android. You can create a profile on tasker to speak Smartthings notifications. It works very well. I also use the Sonos notify app in rooms that don’t have the tablet.


@mweston I’m using tasker for a while but can’t get to work on notification in tablet even on my phone. Only messages will work(in phone) . though I’m not really good on tasker only simple task. So right now still using vlc thing from PC connected to my amp 2nd zone but want to eliminate because of ensrgy consumption though its auto off thru harmony home when away mode.

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Hi @protocol, Have you tried the dlna player to send voice notification?, It works fine in android phones and tablets

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does this mean you have a Sono speaker?

it would be awesome if someone start doing youtube videos for doing different things on ST.


I tried it on the tablet with upnp the first time before and it works but after the ver 1.6.9 mob. app it broke. And when you release newer media renderer and dlna player I tried it again and able to connect it but didn’t hear anything. I use the sonos notification app and the big talker. I don’t know if i miss something.

Hi @protocol, if the tablet or phone is slow, you must to adjust the time between actions, some slow phones or devices need more time to finish the actions, you can change it in configurations on device type, try the upnp monkey, (needs 4.1 an up android) if your device is very old private dancer works great (2.2 and up android) I have it in an old panasonic UN-w700 and works great, I cant think in an older pad, if UN-W700 works, your pad must to work too.

I do but you don’t need Sonos if you just want to use Takser to make your Android device speak.

  1. Open Tasker, press the “+” at the bottom center.
  2. Tap “Event”
  3. Tap “UI”
  4. Tap “Notification”
  5. Tap the rocket ship icon on the right next to “Owner Application” and select Smartthings
  6. Enter any title
  7. Press back button in top left
  8. Enter any name for the task like “speak”
  9. Tap “Alert”
  10. Tap “Say”
  11. Enter “%NTITLE” (without the quotes) into the title field

Press the back button till your back home and you’re done. It will now speak all notifications from Smartthings. You can also go back and add other tasks to set the volume if you’d like. Otherwise it will use the current volume level.

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You can also do this with SharpTools which will allow you to react directly to events without having to deal with visible notifications potentially going to multiple devices.

I’m mobile at the moment so this might be brief, but you can do this by opening SharpTools and long pressing on a device to subscribe to it. Then in Tasker setup an Event > Plugin > SharpTools > Thing State with the name of your device (and optionally an attribute name).

The Thing State plugin will setup the following variables which you can then use on the ‘Say’ task:

  • %st_thing_name
  • %st_thing_id
  • %st_attr_name
  • %st_attr_value

I will test this out first

@mweston seems this what i did before that I can’t hear anything but if I click the test button it speak the last notification. Like I open front door it should speak front door open but not… it only do when i click the test button on the task…

I use the method described by @joshua_lyon as my doorbell and as “theme” music when household members arrive home. I also use it as a verbal response to OK Google commands to ST. So far it has worked well.

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I am using a combination of the following to achieve what you are asking:

  1. Generic DLNA Media Renderer
  2. UPNPlay Android app - Launch the app and select Android Player as the device. Only after doing this, it would show up in SmartThings DLNA app.
  3. Sonos Notify With Sound smart app - available from marketplace.

Currently, Sonos Notify With Sound allows only very few notification sounds (bell, laser etc.). I would like to change that with some other notification sound. Is that possible, may be with another smart app?


Hi @unni, You can add any new sound to the app, just need a url where the sound is available, just install this smartapp or copy the Sonos notify with sound and change this lines

input “sound”, “enum”, title: “Play this Sound?”, required: actionType == “Sound”? true:flase, defaultValue: “Bell 1”, options: [“Bell 1”,“Bell 2”,“Dogs Barking”,“Fire Alarm”,“Piano”,“Lightsaber”,“name of your new sound”,“name of your new sound”]

and add this one

case “name of your new sound”:
state.sound = [uri: “the url of your sound”, duration: “10”]

You need to have a url where your sound is reachable, local or on line.

Or better, if you have a android upnp monkey acts liske mediarenderer and server, you can share all the ounds inside the andorid and expose to smartthings to use it,


Hm, I’m not sure then. Maybe try restarting your device or ask on the android forums

Trying the UPNP Play app on my tablets, send messages, nothing plays. Every so often it says on the tablet format not supported. Any ideas?


You could try the Tasker + SharpTools approach mentioned above?