Voice activation with sonos voice repsonse (pre recorded)?

Ive looked at a few apps, but I would my system to run cloud, not relying on tablet based app responses… Can anyone help with voice activation (relatively cheap as it will be in every room), to access ST??

looking forward to your input guys and gals!

I’m a little bit confused about what you’re asking for, but there’s an active topic on voice command solutions if that’s any help:

Sonos itself is not a listener device, though, just a speaker, so you have to have a listener as well. But see the linked topic.

@JDRoberts link will send you on the right path. The solution i’m using involves cheap android phones under $40 each, google now, tasker, autovoice, and sharptools. Its also discussed on the link above. It works surprising well and if you keep your eyes open for android deals you can pull it off for under $30/room. Happy reading. :smiley:


thats excatly what ive been researching, tho my only spare devices are a galaxy tab 2 and my fave, the shield tablet ( dont want to waste it in charge of automation).
If you can source a decent android tab with mic, then go for it mate!

I agree. you cant use Ivee, but Ubi has a 95% voice recogntion rate…