VLC Thing Issues with "What's Playing" Text in SmartApp

Hello all!!

Hope you guys can help me pin down if there may be a bug with the subject smartapp (VLC Thing)

I am attempting to use VLC Thing through a raspberry pi. I have VLC installed on the pi and the necessary smartapp installed in my iOS app.

I am using VLC Thing in conjunction with the Big Talker Smart App in order to help me get notifications (voice notifications for status updates to devices) throughout the home.

It looks like everything is working appropriately, however, I have no text being transferred to the SmartApp (song title etc.)

Could anyone here help me pin down what is possibly happening? Play, pause, stop, skip all work correctly however I just don’t have any title information being transferred to the smartapp.

Thank you all so much for your help!!

Just wanted to reply back to this and say it was more than likely user error. No issues here on this one.