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VLC Thing. A Poor Man's Sonos. Version 2.0 Released 12/22/2016

(Adam Skoreyko) #21

Geko this app is great, I want to thank you for creating it!

I am having the same issues as hubertsimon, I can control VLC from the smartapp but I am unable to get it to play any of the event notifications working.

The test function on the app works, it just will not trigger anything based on events.

Again thanks for making this app! This paired with some Rasp Pi’s and small speakers would give whole home audio notifications!


(Geko) #22

I will investigate the notification issue.

Ok, I see in the logs that Sonos Notify with Sound app throws an exception:

9:59:01 PM PDT: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: options for class: physicalgraph.device.HubMultiAction
Possible solutions: actions @ line 272

I wonder if people with Sonos see the same issue.

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(Geko) #23

This has beed fixed. Please update device handler to version 1.0.1.

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(Adam Skoreyko) #24

I will test this as soon as I get home today.

Thanks again for this geko!


(stockmopar) #25

This works with Windows + AppleTV and AirPlay using AirFoil ($25).

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(Jody) #26

I was able to get the AirFoil setup up and running on my windows 2012 virtual server. Very nice work @geko. Thanks for the airfoil tip @stockmopar. How much delay are you seeing?


(Jody) #27

The only downside about airfoil is that the android receiver has to be running in the foreground for it to work.


(stockmopar) #28

Can you expand on what you mean by “android receiver”? @jodyalbritton


(stockmopar) #29

As far as delay… I see about a 2.5 second delay playing to Airfoil versus about 1 second playing just to computer. @jody.albritton


(Jody) #30

I downloaded the airfoil speakers app for android, linux, and windows. They all work, but the android app only works when it is active and in the foreground. Still pretty cool.


(Adam Skoreyko) #31

Have this set-up at home now and its working great.
Thanks again for this @geko!

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Fantastic. Thanks for this.

The only issue I had was with VLC itself. The Windows 64-bit version has a bug that prevents it from playing https streams. Installing the 32-bit version of VLC fixed this.

…And to think I was considering buying a Sonos.

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(Matt) #33

@jody.albritton I was able to get it to work running in the background, the app has issues on my galaxy s5 but it’s fine on an old galaxy nexus from verizon. I’m going to try it on the nexus 7 next.

@geko thanks for your work on this app, amazing! I decided a long time ago no way I was dumping hundreds of dollars into ubi or sonos, but you’ve made it virtually cost free. Your app tied with Airfoil and the dedicated tablets I’m using with Home Automation Dashboard and Web Dashboard


(Matt) #34

I spoke to soon, it will play 1 item while in background but then it needs back in the forground to start the next.


(Jody) #35

Indeed, that was what I experienced. It cannot do the handshake to sync with the desktop machine unless the app is in the foreground. I have a little android mini pc and if this could run in the background it would be amazing. I already have google now and tasker running on the little box and this would have been the icing on the cake.


(Matt) #36

I haven’t tested any yet but there are other apps on the Play Store that mimic AirPlay speakers. One of them may work


(Jody) #37

I have been playing with doubletwist’s magic play as well. It’s not working as advertised at this point. I have followed this thread and will post any progress I make.


(Jeff Z) #38

Hey Geko,

I couldnt get VLC thing to work. I have VLC setup correctly on my Mac, web interface enabled, i can access it via direct IP.

The smartthing mobile side, i create the device type and new device, put IP and port to it. But none of the feature works, the web IDE log keep saying status: disconnected.

Any thoughts what might went wrong? The only thing i can think about is my smartthing hub is on 192.168.1.x, and my mac is on 192.168.0.x. will that cause this issue?



(Geko) #39

Yeah, they have to be on the same subnet.


(Michael Alden) #40

Make sure you have VLC TCP Port 8080 and then setup the password the same as VLC. I had an issue ended up not using the port i set in the config. It would always default to port 8080