Vivint Recalls Remotec ZD100 Z-Wave Switch

I purchased 2 of these from Amazon and got a recall notice via email this morning instructing me to contact Vivint to get it replaced. Units effected start within the serial number range 1115-1440. There is an issue with devices connected to them catching on fire.

I called Vivint and they said “Sorry… you are not a Vivint customer. Call Amazon.” I called Amazon and they offered to put me in contact with the original seller to ask for a refund. I may be out $60 for the 2 units I have. If you have these units you may run into the same problem. Mine have worked very well but now I am going to remove them from my setup just in case.

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I have several Remotec ZDS-100DS (sold off as Vivint surplus).

Maybe the same switch and/or issues?

Amazon has an A-to-Z guarantee and will make things right if you first contact the original seller and then open a dispute case if necessary.

Do you have more details on the recall?

Wow that’s really shady. I heard about this recall. Time to shame vivant much? ST Branded products would always have ST behind them, especially when safety comes in.

Here is the recall notice:

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Yup… Thems the ones I have.

I think I got most on eBay, so no much chance of a refund, unless “recalls” are covered somewhere in eBay’s policies, or if the right party at Vivint or Remotec takes responsibility.

I know there is some risk when buying obvious surplus, but it is illegal to sell items with known recall. Not sure what the law requires of resales prior to recall.

Yeah, I saw those were selling on eBay really cheap and was tempted to buy. Good thing I didn’t. In the end, you always get what you paid for.