Vivint as a viable solution?

Anyone out there that has Vivint able to tell me how reliable the system is? I’m looking at the sky touch panel with the video doorbell, my lighting ( all GE z-wave switches ) and a thermostat.

If you haven’t signed their outrageous contact yet… Please do a lot of research on them.

The equipment looks great and the presentation is a lot of fast talking and short video clips on a phone.

Question, would a reputable ceo give an interview with a ball cap on his head sideways?

Just do the research… That’s all I’m saying.

Will do. The only reason I ask is that I was thinking of a monitored system anyway and at this point I would rather have someone come fix the system of its broken instead of me trying to mess with it. I will do a little more research. Thanks!

Have Vivint… No “outrageous contract for me”. Got all my equipment for free during one of their door to door promos. Paid only under $300 for the additional equipment I purchased above and beyond the free stuff (additional motion sensors, additional door sensor, additional remote fob). They upgraded my panel for FREE when they moved to a newer version of the Sky Panel shortly after signing up.

All in all I’m happy with them and looking forward to figuring out how to integrate my SmartThings hub and Kwikset 916 lock with the Sky Panel.

Vivint is actually quite good and the contract is not that “bad”. The thing is, it completely takes care of your home security. You feel safe and secured. Your home is automated and modernized. I don’t understand why people don’t want to pay 2 more bucks for a great product like Vivint!

My friends and neighbors use Vivint and the numbers are increasing. I myself have Vivint’s home security and it definitely is a viable solution.