Vitrum / multichannel / z-wave UK. Any DTH for these?

I feel like I’m going round in circles when I’m not looking for anything conceptually complex.

I’d like:
A) to be able to set associations between multichannel switches using SmartThings (nice to have, but not imperative)
B) to be able to see within the SmartThings app which switches are on or off at any one time (remembering that these are switches on multichannel devices), irrespective of whether the switch’s status was changed by a smartapp, on my phone, or physically
C) be able to trigger individual switches on a multichannel device by a smartapp or scenes etc

It doesn’t seem like I’m asking for the world, but in some ways it seems like I am…!

Any thoughts?

when you say “multichannel”, what devices do you mean? like aeon smart strip?

As long as these are mains powered devices, not battery powered, You can set the associations by using the Z wave tweaker:

They are definitely nice looking switches. But they’re also older technology as far as zwave goes. They are using multi channel association, rather than the newer method of central scene management.

It should be possible to make it work with the SmartThings hub so that you do get all the updates regardless of the way in which the switch was turned on, but it may require some custom code.

Because these are only available on the EU frequency, the challenge will be finding somebody to help develop that custom code as they’re just aren’t as many developers working with the EU devices.

I’m going to move this to the UK section of the forum just to get more attention from that specific group, and that see if somebody has already looked into them. :sunglasses:

Multichannel is a specific set of command sets in the Z wave specification. It is for devices that have multiple endpoints.

The Aeotec smart strip is indeed a multi channel device, but it is not using multi channel association, which the vitrum devices do use. So the commandsets being used are a little different. See the discussion in the following thread for the technical details:

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