Visual studio

I feel a bit naive here, I kinda expected that it would have been pretty easy to find a good sample project in visual studio that could listen for events and issue commands. I do not claim to be a great programmer, but I could really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

For a “non-programmer” the IFTTT maker channel might be easier.

From here to could build a simple app to send HTTP requests to the IFTTT maker recipes you build and do things from there.

Of course depending on what you want to do this may not work, but wanted to bring it up just in case.

I did this using an Arduino.

I am not a ‘non-programmer’, and am very specifically looking for a basic interaction project in visual studio (either c# or vb) that I can play with. If someone can point me in the right direction of that, I already have a pretty sophisticated rule engine written.

SmartThings uses the apache groovy language which is a language that visual studio does not support. So you will be unable to program for the platform with visual studio.

The only currently supported IDE is the IDE provided under the link