Visual Organization of Devices and their Relationships

(Nathan Meryash (Keen Home)) #1

It would be great to be able to visually understand the relationships between locations, hubs, users, device types, groups of devices and devices more intuitively through a graphical tree or other means.

When you start to have multiple users per hub or multiple hubs per location; things begin to get confusing how those relationships are organized. It also gets overwhelming to scroll through a page with pictures of plugs and switches not knowing which is which, especially as the user adds devices.

Offering the user a choice of visual hierarchal organizational trees would be an intuitive way to do this. Some examples:

  • Location tree (could visually look like a tree or a carroted menu but organized with the same mindset as OO objects) Tap MyHome under that is a list of rooms under that is a specific room under that is a specific device (i.e. MyHome.LivingRoom.Outlets.Outlet2 if thinking in terms of OO). Eventually being able to overlay devices on a 2D or 3D view of ones home would be great once 3D scanning of ones home with mobile devices becomes reliable.

  • Hub tree (hierarchal organization of devices by hub). i.e. Hub2.Switches.Switch2.

User access and location to hub relations could be shown in both location tree and hub tree views.