Visonic Sensors

Would it be possible to add devices such as Visonic ZigBee door contacts and motion detectors?
Brand- Visonic
Model- MCT-320 SMA

Brand- Visonic
Model- Next Plus K9-85 SMA

The hub will find these devices and label them as unknown allowing no interaction with them.
Is it possible that these may be supported in the future? If so, what are the chances? Just wanting to know which way I should go from here.


@wvaj Have you tried changing the device type in the IDE ?

Click on the Display Name of the device added in the Device List, then scroll down to the bottom and click Edit.

On the Edit Device screen, change the Type to a corresponding device type for the device you are trying to add.

For the Zigbee door contact, try either “Open/Closed Sensor” or “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”

For the Zigbee motion detector, try “Motion Detector” or “SmartSense Motion”.

Thanks for the reply and link. Unfortunately both the sensors still do not work properly with trying the method you suggested. Looking at the devices it acts as if they do not pair properly with the SmartThings Hub. They continue to flash (indicating they are in pairing mode). So the Hub can see them, just doesn’t know what the heck they are, and they do not pair themselves with the Hub.

Using them with the Xfinity Home system, when the touch screen is in pairing mode and you go to pair the sensors, the door sensors must be tripped in order to properly pair with the touch screen after the touch screen has found them. Could it be that the Hub is not sending out the pairing command that these particular sensors need in order to pair properly?

I would like to know if these can work as well. I just ordered my Hub and have a visonic water leak zigbee (SMA) same system as wvaj. would be neat if i could getting it working.

@Wolfram, they just started contacting Visonic on the motion and open/close sensor, so hopefully it shouldn’t be much longer, and hopefully integrating the water sensor won’t be much different.

@wvaj I haven’t seen this information as you have. I doubt there is a timeline or any indication when or if it will be supported? Visonic and SMC are two of the major sensor makers out there, it’s tough to understand that as of this time in our lives, SmartThings doesn’t yet support either of them yet.

(if that link works…)

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I just bought the smartthings hub. I wanted to know if anything has come out of getting the Visonic sensors to work with his hub yet. I am able to get them cheap and would like to be able to use them.

The sensors I currently have are:

Door/window sensors: MCT-320 SMA (2.4G) NA DIY
Curtain detector: Clip SMA (2.4G) NA DIY WH.
Motion detector: Next plus K9-85 SMA (2.4G) NA DIY
Smoke and heat detector: MCT-427 SMA (2.4G)

Nope… :frowning:
I haven’t heard back from anyone yet and asked if they had any progress on it a month ago with no reply yet.

The hub will find them, but will not pair with them. I tried (again yesterday) to see if changing the type manually in the online developers portal would work, but still no luck.

The last response I got when I asked about Visonic sensors working was: “Thanks for reaching out. At this time we are not compatible with Visonic sensors. We don’t have any plans to incorporate them at this time, but I can put I down as a features request.” I would really like to figure out how to get them working since they are cheaper for people to get from certain sources. I’m hoping that I can get some working or else I will have to return the ST’s hub and get something else to use.

Is it possible that someone can code a device type for these or do we have to wait for ST to support them?

It doesn’t look good for ST programmers getting to them any time soon. I wanted to know as well if we can program them in ourselves but I didn’t really know where to start in doing that.

Got these sensors to someone who is going to take a crack at these. @Sticks18

Door and Motion. If these are a success then anyone with any other sensors might be willing to donate to the cause of getting these all unofficially supported.

If we can start getting these to work I can get different ones to donate as needed. I’m hopeing to hear back from smc on whether they can provide me more info on how to get these working.

I can also get various ones to donate to the cause…

Has anyone had any luck getting these Visonics to work?

Nope…I try every few weeks just to see, but still nothing. I would not expect them to ever work.

I ended up just ditching Smartthings and going with the PEQ system sold at BestBuy. It uses the same style SMA sensors and they have updated their app as well as backend stuff to start supporting IFTTT.

It’s still not as robust as Smartthings, but it ended up being cheaper for me to go that route then buying a bunch of new sensors and cameras.

But PEQ is $10/month, right? Adds up after a while…