Visonic door/window

anybody tried to pair visonic mct 320 sma …

wasting time. that is a “Visonic Powercode” device at 2.4ghz, one-way communication, not zwave, not wifi. You can use the magnet and the tape.

EDIT NOPE - MY MISTAKE - at least some of these SMA devices are zigbee see below. But most don’t “just work” as of Oct-2015.

Elsewhere someone posted that a Visonic MCT-340 SMA sensor did just work with temperature and open/close.

No insult intended to the OP but that’s a funny solution. LOL

@smartmat, my apologies. if your part is -SMA then it might pair. I have one that I’ll try later. I didn’t know that at least some of the -SMA parts are zigbee HA 1.2

@smartmat, I have a different device Visonic MCT CLIP SMA and it does pair (Zigbee), and it is not identified. Some transactions appear in the hub log So it might be integrated with a new devicetype with some detective work like that employed for the Securify Fob. That detective work is beyond my time and effort for at least a couple weeks, which would only be aping that process anyway. I had no idea until now that the SMA devices were Zigbee at all. So it’s very exciting because my device is a curtain style PIR which doesn’t have an equivalent in Zwave yet.

So thank you for asking. For your reference the Securify thread:

LATER: in reviewing the hub log, the device description for my motion sensor Visonic CLIP SMA is: Raw Description 01 0104 FFFF 00 01 0000 00

The Installation Instructions indicate this is 2.4Ghz IEE 802.15.4 device, and
I think “0104” indicates HA Zigbee profile, good and “FFFF” indicates manufacturer-custom cluster structure. So public Zigbee standard documentation will not apply to deciphering this device and I won’t be trying to integrate my device.

Nuts. FYI my device is circa 2012, newer devices of the same model# may be different.

has anyone had any success with these? I have them from time warner intelligent home and if I can use them with the SmartThings that would be fantastic!

I don’t think they will work.

I can get mine to pair but not actually work.