Vision Shock Sensor not under arm/disarm control

My vision shock sensors work fine for detecting vibration on the windows. I have them configured to send a notification and set off the alarm siren. That works fine. The problem is that they are not under the control of the top level Android app arm/disarm setting. The door sensors obey the arm/disarm, but not the vision shock. So if I set the system to “disarmed” a twig hitting the window will set the siren off. Clearly that’s not right. “Disarmed” should apply to all sensors. Any ideas/suggestions how I might tackle this? FYI, I’m using Kevin LaFramboise’s Vision Shock Sensor Device Handler. Thanks.

Try asking the question in the author’s device type handler thread. You may get a quicker answer there! :sunglasses:

Which I find where?

Found it - sorry.

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