Vision (Monoprice) dual relay recover after power loss

I have experience an odd situation with my vision dual relay. Currently I’m using 5 devices with no problem but all of them when power up both relays goes automatically “on”.

In other words after a power glitch, all light in the house goes “on”

Is there a way to configure the dual relay to start “off” after power recovery?

Maybe @erocm1231 or @Mike_Maxwell could help. They are Miro relay modules experts.

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If it can be changed at the device level, this would be contained in the relays zwave documentation, look for parameters.

I just looked, that function doesn’t appear to be changeable at the hardware level, that’s an issue with most cheep devices, either the documentation isn’t complete, or changing the devices default functions are not possible.

Thanks Mike, what would be a recommended switch? I need a small unit to fit in the electrical box.

I’m a bit of an aeon fan, they make a dual switch, though it’s getting a bit difficult to find, I have several I use.
The issues with dual switched is that only one of the switches can use on, and off, the other one needs custom commands, which very few apps support.

Thanks Mike, for the suggestion, I also have a 1 switch Aeon and works very good and it does not have the issue at power on.

I’m pass the dual switch control, both relays work very good, I wrote a device handler and smartapp for them, but if I cannot solve the power loss configuration they will not work in the application that I need.

Power loss configuration?, not understanding the problem.

the aeons return to the last state they were in when power is restored if I remember correctly…

I’m using the Vision dual relay and when power is restored they always start “on”