Virtual Workshop - April 16, 2015 - SmartApps 101

Hi Everyone!

We’ll be hosting a Virtual workshop on how to write SmartApps on April 16, 2015, 5:00pm PST. Come join us on writing SmartApps! Great for everybody who wants to learn, or want to brush up their keyboards and groovy with us.

We’ll start with the basics, from what is a SmartApp, to giving a tour of the IDE virtualizer, to writing and publishing a SmartApp.

RSVP today :

We will be hosting it here:

Feel free to ask questions below! And let us know what you think.


Hello Sir,
I am new to Smart App Development , I want to know if I have 4 different types of Zwave Switch How to add them One by One using Web Service and other is How to control them Individually using Web Service Call?

Just reminding people that the virtual workshop is happening in 4 days! Learn how to write SmartApps itself.

We’ll soon have one about device types. :slight_smile:

yes : Though the recordings generally do not save the chat portion also: Which includes alot of great Q/A too.


Thank you all for having this Workshop. Only advice for future engagements is to have a better meeting link with more bandwidth. The presentation was not refreshing at the same rate as the Workshop presenter was speaking. a lot of the points he highlighted did not get a chance to display since he was clicking fast and moving on to the next point.

Good speed for live workshop but for an on-line workshop the presentation was lacking due to bandwidth.

Thanks again.

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Hey! Thanks Joe for your feedback!

In addition, (and everyone else who joined), could you kindly fill out this form for me?

It’d help us shape for a better workshop, moving forward.

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@April just watched this and as a beginner this was EXTREMELY helpful! I hacked a few existing apps just as trial and error but this actually explained everything I was seeing.

Please keep doing these!!!


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