Virtual Thermostat

Winter is approaching and I am converting the old play room (goodbye kids!) to a media room. As this is on the first floor of our house (and we live on the second) it is always cooler, too cool to sit and not move.
I put a space hearing and an ST outlet/Motion sensor in to control the temp every time someone wants to sit and watch TV. This works fine except that the beer fridge is in this room and every time someone pops in for a refreshment the heater kicks on.
The Virtual Thermostat has a timer to turn things off after x minutes of no motion but I would like another timer to say “Don’t turn on the heater unless there is x minutes of constant motion”.
That way we could pop in and out of the room without the heat constantly coming on.
Has anyone modified this to work that way? If not it’s off to Rule Machine when it’s matured,days @bravenel :slight_smile: as this is it’s forte me thinks.