Virtual temperature sensor for XL850

I’m trying to sort out the feasibility of something and whether or not it has already been done, but my searches haven’t been entirely helpful.

I’m relatively new to ST, having gotten the hub to start automating some of the devices I had accumulated prior and was only able to use via google home prior.

I have a Trane/American Standard thermostat, the XL850 which supports zwave devices, and the free version of it can pull temperature data from ZSENS930 sensors that they sell. The price of these sensors seems pretty high for what they do and I’m wonder if it is feasible to pull data from say an Aqara temp sensor, then put it to a virtual ZSENS930 which the XL850 then pulls from. Is this sort of thing possible with ST or should I abandon the idea and just consider whether I’d rather pay for the ZSENS930 or for the monthly fee to be allowed to connect other sensor types to the XL850…?

Sorry. You won’t be able to fool the device into using your virtual sensors. Virtual devices don’t present themselves to a real ZWave network that way. You’d likely need to build your own devices and make them spoof the sensors the Thermo os looking for. (read very difficult and certainly not cost effective. There’s a reason they can charge for those devices)

You CAN however collect all the information from your own sensors in SmartThings and tell the XL850 what to do through an automation if it is connected to ST.

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Thanks for confirming my suspicions… A shame but makes sense

So instead I need to learn how to construct the same sort of rules and weighted averaging that my thermostat does… It just isn’t ideal since I can only adjust the thermostat set point not it’s perceived temperature. I should be able to get largely the same effect by synthetically creating the same temperature delta I suppose.

This sort of thing is outside my current skillset. I haven’t done any real programming since my undergrad in engineering… Gonna need to take some time off work :sweat_smile: