Virtual switches causing havok

I have my hub set up with my four routines (Good Morning, Good Night, Good Bye, and I’m Back). I have virtual switches for all four of these modes to trigger if the appropriate switch is turned on. This setup has worked wonderfully for a long time, until yesterday. Now when a mode is triggered by one of those switches, my hub loses its minnd gets stuck in a constant loop triggering that routine over and over non stop. The only way to get it to stop is to remove that switch as a trigger, and delete the switch.

I use this setup in consort with the Smart Lighting app to trigger the modes based on a variety of factor, including IFTTT events, but now I can’t as the hub gets stuck in this constant loop.

The only recent additions are two new SmartThings motion sensors, the addition of a device handler that allows for the creation of virtual presence sensors, and I have started using the Sharptools rule builder as I was granted beta access.

Am I missing something here, or was a firmware update pushed. This is now super annoying abd is really starting to cheese my wife off.


Have you checked your Activity History to see what is triggering the routines to run? From there you could track down what automation(s) might be triggering it or interacting with each other.

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Does the presence sensor have switch capability, and is it binary switch or momentary?

The point Being that some people have seen a similar problem in the past when they intended to use a binary switch but accidentally used a momentary which would turn itself off, triggering a different routine which in some cases would turn the same switch back on, then generating the infinite loop.

But I agree, definitely the first step is just to try to track see the logs and see what is being executed in what order.

You could also try removing the newest virtual presence sensor and see if that stops the looping. Then you would know what to look at next.

I removed the virtual presence sensor, and the device handler for it, and no dice.

I appreciate the fast replies. I only had one rule setup in Sharptools, based upon the presence of my phone to send me a text to let me know if my front door opened if I wasn’t present. Not sure why that would cause the problems I indicated.

I am unfortunately not adept enough to go through logs to locate one particular problem. I have removed Sharptools and the problems I was having have simply disappeared. Not sure why, but it is what it is.

I am sure the Sharptools rule builder is great, but until I actually have the time to track down the problem, I will have to cease using it at this time. I appreciate the beta access invite, and will attempt to track down the problem and post a solution in the future.

Thanks for the update. Based on what you described, I can’t see any reason why that rule would have any interaction with one of the switches or routines noted in the original post.

I sent you a PM and I’d be happy to help track down what was going on. :grinning: